Issue n. 1 (2018): Close encounters in irregular and asymmetric war

The launch issue of CEIW is a multidisciplinary collection of articles on ‘close encounters’ in the specific context of irregular and asymmetric conflict. It invites a reflection that goes beyond military strategy and effectiveness, to explore the impact of this type of warfare on human experience. Below, you can find links to download both the full issue and individual articles.

Issue n. 1 (2018) – Close Encounters in Irregular and Asymmetric Warfare

Introduction by the Editors

Bradley St. Croix: The Omnipresent Threat: Fifth Columnists’ Impact on the Battle of Hong Kong, December 1941

María Gómez-Amich: Life in Conflict: A Series of Narratives by Locally-Recruited Interpreters from Afghanistan

Gian Marco Longoni: Storming the Palace: The Houthi Insurgency in Yemen

Stefania Porcelli: “As if He Wanted to Murder Her”: Fear, Disgust and Anger in La Storia‘s Rape Scene

Benjamin Nickl: Through the Eyes of Child Soldiers: On War, Violence and Trauma in Popular Entertainment Fictions