Useful links

Here you can find a list of useful links to websites, online journals, e-zines, blogs, and projects related to the topic of war studies.

Publisher website: Fondazione Nuto Revelli

Department of War Studies – King’s College London

Centre for War Studies – University of Birmingham

UCD Centre for War Studies – University College Dublin

Global War Studies

Scottish Centre for War Studies

Modern War Studies

Journal of Cold War Studies

International Society for First World War Studies

Civil War Studies

Michigan War Studies Review

Critical Military Studies

Virginia Center for Civil War Studies

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

Berlin Center for Cold War Studies

Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies

Akademia Sztuki Wojennej

Veteran History Project (Library of Congress)

Centro Studi “Sereno Regis”

Dr Edward Tick’s Homepage (Veteran healing)

Mostra Permanente Winterline Venafro

Boca Recovery Center (for Vets)

PTSD and addiction at (for Vets)